Na Shledanou

This is my final blog, my program officially ended yesterday, I said goodbye to some of my new friends. I didn’t know them before I came, I have only known them in Europe and the next time I see them will be in America. I must say goodbye to my Czech friends who I may […]

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Field Trip to Krakow

Last Friday our UNK group went on a field trip to Krakow, as a part of our class that is studying the Holocaust this semester. This field trip was the most in depth we had so far because of the history of the city ghetto and Schindler’s Factory. The first day we visited the Wieliczka […]

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The Academic Life

This week I’m going to write about the academic life, it may have been better to write this earlier in the year so everyone knows what is all required of me during my stay. However, I didn’t and I can’t change the past. I’m technically enrolled in four classes through UNK: a Czech Language class, […]

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The Czech Language

The Czech language is not fun, in my own estimates there is a 3:1 ratio of consonants to vowels. Simple words like ice cream are translated to zrmzlina. That is 5 consonants in a row, which I don’t think exists anywhere within the English language. So, looking at words is very intimidating at first because […]

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Daily Life in Olomouc

I’ve been in the Czech Republic for 3 weeks now and I have developed some sort of a daily schedule. We have about 3 hours of class each day in the afternoon on Monday – Thursday from 3-6 PM and on Fridays from 10-1. Therefore, our schedule allows for us to get away for the […]

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